Park, Jai Hyung
Major Practice Areas | Litigation to revoke for fraud · Labor law · Consultation on general corporate law practice · Criminal litigation
Period Education
2015 Graduated from UCLA School of Law (LL.M.)
1997 Admitted to Yonsei University Graduate School, Department of Law
1997 Graduated from Yonsei University College of Law Department of Law
1993 Graduated from Yangjeong High School in Seoul
Period Experience
2006 ~ current Attorney at Haemaru Law Firm
2011 ~ 2014 Public interest member of the Gyeonggi Local Labor Committee
2003-2006 Public interest Judge Advocate (Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office, Incheon Prosecutor’s Office, Korea Legal Aid Corporation)
2003 Graduated as a member of the 32nd class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute
2000 Admitted to the Korean Bar
Representative Work
  • Application for wrongful termination relief on behalf of a construction manager in a foreign real estate development firm (counsel for the employee) (2016)
  • A petition to invalidate the termination of a semi-governmental agency employee (counsel for the employer) (2016)
  • Claim for a foreign bank employee’s retirement payment (counsel for the employer) (2016)
  • Revocation action for fraud against an asset buyer of an insolvent corporation (2017)
  • Revocation action for fraud against the buyer of a business (2017)
  • Commercial arbitration on a dispute between a celebrity and their agency (2017)
  • Civil case involving an investment dispute for a Korean Wave television show in China (2017)
  • Criminal case involving a violation of the Wastes Control Act (2017)and many other cases
  • Legal Advisor for TheKon Co. Ltd. (current)
  • Legal Advisor for P&K Advisors Co. Ltd. (current)
  • Legal Advisor for Yutaristia Co. Ltd. (current)
  • Legal Advisor for Stronghold Technology Co. Ltd. (current)
  • Review of English-language joint investment and inspection contracts for the Korea Rail Network Authority (2016)
  • Legal consultation for the City of Goyang on construction to improve its public facilities (2016)
  • Numerous consultations for a real estate consulting firm’s sales of properties (2016-2017)
  • Legal consultation relating to a real estate developer’s sale of property and business (2017) and many other legal consultations for corporations, municipal governments, and public agencies

Research and Press

  • Regular contributor to “Park Jai Hyung Legal Column” of the Daily C&C paper (2016-2017)
  • “Study on Litigation to Revoke for Fraud”, Korea Academic Information Co. Ltd., joint author (2011)