Seo, Jin Kwon
Major Practice Areas | Construction litigation · Real estate litigation and consultation · Administrative law and tax litigation
Period Education
2006 Completed coursework for the master’s program at Korea University College of Law (Administrative Law Major)
2002 Graduated from Korea University College of Law Department of Law
1996 Graduated from the International High School in Gwangju
Period Experience
2007 ~ current Attorney at Haemaru Law Firm
2018. 7. ~ current Korea Arts & Culture Education inspection
2013 ~ 2016 Member of the Nowon City District Civil Complaints Mediation Committee
2007 Graduated as a member of the 10th class of the Tax Training Institute
2004-2007 Public Interest Judge Advocate (Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office, Gwangju High Prosecutor’s Office)
2004 Graduated as a member of the 33rd class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute
2001 Admitted to the Korean Bar
Representative Work
  • Deposit claims including a construction financial cooperative’s contract performance deposit, construction performance deposit, subcontractor payment deposit, and defect cure deposit (2008-present)
  • Litigation revoke transfer of assets between spouses by reason of fraud  (2017)
  • Request to the Board of Audit and Inspection to review disciplinary action against municipal civil servants (2016)
  • Jurisdiction dispute case between local governments on the boundaries of public waters(ocean) (2014)
  • Litigation to revoke a measure to levy composite income tax on a sale of real estate (2014)
  • Petition and litigation to discipline police officials (2014)
  • Damages litigation for accounting fraud and inadequate audit (2013)
  • Embezzlement and breach of trust case for sale of corporate assets and asset misappropriation (2013)
  • Litigation to revoke a measure to levy gift tax in accordance with the presumed gift provision in case of title trust (2012)
  • Commercial arbitration in a claim for berth facility construction and design costs (2011)
  • Corporation’s claims for correction reports and provisional measures for media reporting (2010)
  • Action for damages over the violation of a joint business contract for jointly owned surface reclamation project (2009)
  • Litigation to revoke enforcement fine due to violation of the Building Act (2008) and many other cases
  • Consultation on various issues for municipal governments such as the City of Pyeongtaek and the City District of Eunpyeong
  • Legal consultation on the free reversion process for the Korea Rail Network Authority’s private capital station (2017)
  • Legal consultation on recalling medical equipment and announcing the recall (2017)
  • Review of internet promotion company’s terms of service and contract (2017)
  • Review and consultation of an apartment management company’s security contracting agreement, management covenant and other documents (2017)
  • Legal consultation on the question of whether mutual aid under the Framework Acton the Construction Industry includes reinsurance and water damage (2013)
  • Contract review and legal consultation for a food seller’s sales contract, supply contracts, and other legal documents (2013)
  • Consultation and review of a sales agency contract between a United States corporation and a Korean corporation (2011)
  • Review and consultation of a regional housing cooperative’s construction contracting agreement (2010)
  • Review of a contract for the production of advertisement for the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (2007) and numerous other consultations for corporations, municipal governments, and public bodies