Haemaru Law Firm
is one of Korea’s most successful and respected law firms. Founded in 1993 by future Korean President Roh Mu-Hyun, Minister of Justice Chun Jung-Bae, and lawmaker Im Jong-in, Haemaru has a proud history of providing clients with superior legal advice and unparalleled client service.
Haemaru, which means "the ridge of a mountain on which the sun rises" was the first law firm in Korea to use a Korean word as its name.

Haemaru is a full service law firm with offices in Seoul and Ansan. Our principal practice areas include litigation, antitrust, corporate law, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, and international commercial transactions.

Since its foundation, Haemaru’s practice has steadily branched out of Korea and into the international legal market. Our international practice group is comprised of attorneys with significant experience in transactional work and dispute resolution in Korea and abroad.

Our considerable experience in providing superior legal advice in multiple jurisdictions enables us to provide our clients with the advice they need to prevent legal difficulties before they arise and resolve legal disputes after they occur.

Our attorneys make a personal effort to communicate with our clients in order to understand our clients’ concerns and to aid them through the legal process.

Consistent with the vision of Haemaru’s founding partners, our attorneys are strongly committed to the promotion of Korea’s development and democracy through representation of a diverse array of clients and interests, from multinational corporations to minorities and victims of human rights violations.