Oh, Jae Chang
Major Practice Areas | International transactions law · Fair Trade Act· Commercial arbitration and mediation · Family law litigation and criminal law litigation involving foreigners
Period Education
2009 Graduated from Korea University Graduate School of Law (Ph.D. in International Law)
2004 Graduated from New York University School of Law (LL.M.)
1998 Graduated from Korea University Graduate School of Law (M.A. in International Law)
1985 Graduated from Korea University Department of Law (B.A.)
Period Experience
2015 ~ current Mediator at the Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency’s Standard Terms Dispute Mediation Council
2014 ~ current Member of the Department of Justice’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Legal Advisor Corps (area: international transactions)
2013 ~ 2016 Advisor to the Department of Justice’s Human Rights Policy Consulting Board
2013 ~ 2010-current Legal Advisor at the Seoul Global Center’s Trade Caravan
2013 Admitted to the New York Bar
2010 ~ 2010-current Recommended Korean attorney at the American, British, and Australian Embassies in Korea
2012 ~ 2013 Adjunct Professor of International Human Rights Law at the Korea University Graduate Department of Law
2011 ~ 2012 Adjunct Professor of Legal Practice at Hanyang University Graduate Department of Law
2011 ~ 2017 Member of the Korean Bar Association’s Human Rights Commission
2007 ~ current Expert commissioner at the Korea Legal Research Institute
2007 ~ 2009 Legal Advisor at the legal department of the Export Import Bank of Korea
2006 ~ 2008 Legal Advisor at the legal team of the Department of Administration and Safety
2005 ~ current International arbitrator at the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board
2005 ~ 2011 Legal Advisor with the Seoul Broadcasting System legal department
2001 ~ current Director and Vice President, Korea Competition Law Association
1998 ~ current Attorney at Haemaru Law Firm
1993 ~ 1995 Attorney at Mirae Law Firm, Aram International Patents Law Firm
1990 ~ 1993 Judge Advocate, Staff Judge Advocate
1990 Graduated as a member of the 19th class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute
1987 Admitted to the Korean Bar
Representative Work
  • Damages claims for American, British, and Australian citizens who experienced personal injuries (death, serious injury) in Korea (2010-present)
  • Enforcement in Korea of judgments made in Belgium, Britain, and the United States (2011-present)
  • Criminal cases (fraud, assault, sexual molestation, drugs etc.) involving foreign defendants (2010-present)
  • Family cases (adoption, marriage, divorce, custody, child support, family mediation) involving foreign parties(2010-present)
  • Asset investigation and enforcement on a Korean corporation (2011)
  • Arbitration for the return of a Brazilian football coach’s contract down payment (2012) and numerous other cases of litigation and arbitration counsel for foreign individuals and corporations
  • M&A contracts and due diligence on behalf of Finnish, American, and Hong Kong corporations looking to merge with or acquire Korean corporations (2010)
  • Legal consultation for foreign corporations (Vietnamese, Polish, American etc.) seeking to establish branches in Korea (2010-present)
  • Review of project finance contracts (2015-present)
  • Review of English-language contracts for Korean corporations such as MTekvision Co. Ltd., Hansol Education, and Mira (2012-present)
  • Review of various contracts as part of legal consulting work for numerous corporations and public agencies, including serving as the Department of Justice’s advisor to small and medium-sized enterprises and Seoul City Global Trade Caravan

Research and Press

  • Study on Provisional Disposition (United States, Korean Supreme Court, 2014)
  • Study on Provisional Attachment (United States, Korean Supreme Court, 2013)
  • Study on Individual Complaints in International Law (Ph.D. thesis, 2009)
  • “Study on Litigation to Revoke for Fraud”, Korea Academic Information Co. Ltd., joint author (2011)