Chang, hong-rok
Major Practice Areas | Litigation to revoke for fraud · labor law · construction law · reconstruction and redevelopment · debtor rehabilitation · Criminal litigation
Period Education
2001 Graduated from Seoul National University College of Law Department of Public Law
1995 Graduated from Choongryeol High School
Period Experience
2017 ~ current Legal Advisor to the City of Seoul
2017 Legal advisor for the Public Opinion Committee on the Shin Kori 5 and 6 nuclear plants (2017)
2016.7. Insolvency practitioner at Korea Compliance and Oversight
2008 ~ current Attorney at Haemaru Law Firm
2005 ~ 2008 Public Interest Judge Advocate (Daegu High Prosecutor’s Office, Suwon Prosecutor’s Office)
2005 Graduated as a member of the 34th class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute
2002 Admitted to the Korean Bar
Representative Work
  • Revocation of wrongful termination of a faculty member by the school and damages in the amount of wages (counsel for the faculty member) (2010)
  • Various construction guarantee cases including construction performance guarantee, contract performance guarantee, advance payment return guarantee, defect repair guarantee, and subcontracting payment guarantee (counsel for the surety insurer) (2008~present, numerous cases)
  • Various administrative litigation relating to redevelopment and reconstruction  (2015)
  • Revocation action for fraud on behalf of the buyer in a sale of real estate  (2015)
  • Claim for legal reserve of inheritance (counsel for the claimant) (2014)
  • Counsel for the respondent administrative agency in litigation to revoke a measure to rescind the authorization of a redevelopment association establishment committee  (2015)
  • Claim for transfer of title due to a trust agreement (counsel for the trustee) (2017)
  • Termination of franchise agreement and claim for damages (counsel for franchisee) (2016)
  • Arbitration case for an extension in a turnkey contract (counsel for the client) (2016) and many other cases
  • Legal Advisor for the City of Seoul (current)
  • Legal consultation for the Public Opinion Committee on the Shin Kori 5 and 6 nuclear plants (2017)
  • Numerous consultations for the Construction Mutual Aid Cooperative
  • Numerous consultations for municipal governments such as the Seoul City District of Geumcheon and Dongjak
  • Numerous consultations for Easyville Co. Ltd.
  • Consultation on PF (project finance) loans (2017) and numerous other legal consultations for corporations, municipal governments, and public agencies