Im, Jong In
Park, Se Gyeong
Oh, Jae Chang
Yang, Tae Hun
Lee, Je Yeong
Chee, Ki Ryong
Yoon, Jung Hyeon
Park, Jae Hyung
Trust built from 25 years of collaboration between professionals
Seo, Jin Kwon
Courage to pursue worthy causesWe have represented plaintiffs on nationally and internationally significant cases such as cases involving Forced Labor under Japanese Colonization, Post-mortem trial of the People’s Revolutionary Party Incident, False Espionage Charges, etc.
Choi, Yoon Soo
Chang, Hong Rok
Lee, Man Yong
Jung, Duck Woo
Kim, Sun Wook
Yu, Jae Min
Trust is not gained instantlyWe average 2,750 litigation cases a year, and 620 general counsel retainers a year (3 year average from 2015-2017)
Park, Ki Beom
Kwon, Jong Hyun
Lim, Jae Sung
Kim, Se Eun
Kim, Esther
Park, Sun Young
We do our upmost to achieve the best resultsWe have 25 legal experts in domestic and international matters with a professional support staff of 30