Commercial arbitration refers to a method of resolving a civil or commercial legal dispute by appointing a third party as an arbitrator by agreement of the parties to the dispute, and settling the dispute in accordance with the arbitrator’s decision. The arbitral decision has an effect identical to a final judgment, is enforceable abroad, and the arbitration process protects individual and corporate secrets because the proceedings are confidential.

Arbitration in Korea is growing as an alternative to litigation because it can resolve disputes in a final manner, swiftly and economically, making use of experts in the field of the dispute. Our arbitration attorneys, which includes arbitrators for the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), have extensive experience arbitrating and representing clients in arbitration proceedings.
Representative matters:
  • Commercial arbitration case affirming the illegality of a foreign coach’s wrongful termination (counsel for the employee) (2012)
  • Commercial arbitration case for the service costs of a foreign consultant (2014)
  • Consultation on lease disputes including the Seoul Children’s Park Art Hall and Wonderspace (2013-2017)
  • Commercial arbitration on a dispute between a celebrity and their agency (2017)
  • Commercial arbitration in a claim for berth facility construction and design costs (2011)
  • Review of a contract for the production of advertisement for the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (2007)
  • Arbitration case for an extension in a turnkey contract (counsel for the client) (2016)