Wrongful Termination and Confirmation of Invalidity
Haemaru has handled various cases of wrongful termination and confirmation of invalid termination. In the process we amassed extensive experience on labor disputes. Our lawyers are experts who have participated as Commissioners on the National Labor Relations Commission and served as legal consultants for the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
Corporate Restructuring and Personnel Decisions
Haemaru provides consultations on a standing basis to numerous corporations and public agencies. We also provide legal consultations on corporate mergers and acquisitions, and on the specialized labor law issues that arise in case of corporate restructuring.
Damages for Industrial Accidents
Haemaru submits applications on behalf of workers who suffered industrial accidents at work, and also represents them in administrative litigation where industrial accident claims are denied. We also give legal consultation to corporations based on our accumulated knowhow.
Representative matters:
  • Defense against an entertainment agency’s claim for damages following the termination of an exclusive agreement (2017)
  • Consultation on the possibility of Seoul City Traffic Broadcast employment succession (2017)
  • Application for wrongful termination relief on behalf of a construction manager in a foreign real estate development firm (counsel for the employee) (2016)
  • Petition to invalidate the termination of a semi-governmental agency employee (counsel for the employer) (2016)
  • Claim for a foreign bank employee’s retirement payment (counsel for the employer) (2016)
  • Counsel in litigation for regular wages
  • Counsel in litigation to revoke a non-recognition of industrial accident
  • Application seeking relief for a wrongful termination of an employee of the Korea Copyright Association (counsel for the employee) (2015-2017)
  • Litigation over a dispute at the Professional Baseball Players Association (2014)
  • Review of and consultation regarding the management provisions of term workers at Gyeonggi Techno Park(2010)
  • Recognition of industrial accident for a freelance broadcast writer (2017)
  • Criminal defense counsel for a workplace sexual harassment whistleblower charged with libel (2017)
  • Severance pay for a commissioned debt collector (served as counsel in over 100 cases on behalf of credit information companies) (2014~2016)
  • General Counsel (Employment Law) for Seoul City 120 Call Center on direct employment (2015)
  • General Counsel (Employment Law) for Seoul Metro Corporation on labor directors (2015)
  • Revocation of wrongful termination of a faculty member by the school and damages in the amount of wages (counsel for the faculty member) (2010)
  • General Counsel (Employment Law) for the City of Seongnam on living wages ordinance (2015)