Haemaru’s lawyers in our IP section have years of practical experience and expertise with degrees in fields such as electronics, communications, and nuclear engineering, which they make active use of in their legal practice. Our IP team effectively convey clients’ demands to the court based on their rapid understanding of various technological fields, maximizing client satisfaction.

Throughout its 25 years of history Haemaru, based on experience with major intellectual property cases, provides the following services:
Patent/Utility Models/Trademarks/Design Rights
Haemaru provides services in applying for patents, utility models, trademarks, and design rights, and varied forms of dispute resolution including related litigation, cease and desist orders, litigation for damages, patent trial, and criminal trial. With unparalleled knowhow and expertise, Haemaru provides the services clients want and protects their interests.
Copyright/Neighboring Rights/Prevention of Unfair Competition/Protection of Trade Secrets/Entertainment
Haemaru has handled a wide variety of cases for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises including cease and desist lawsuits for copyright and the right to one’s likeness, action for damages, unfair competition and protection of trade secret cases, and violations of industrial technology. We also provide legal services relating to film, music, video, television shows, broadcast, internet, new media, and theaters.
Representative matters:
  • Legal consultation on whether the District of Geumcheon violated font copyrights (2017)
  • Patent violation litigation against LG UPlus (2013-2015)
  • Criminal and Civil defense of corporation accused of stealing trade secrets (current)