A notary public publicly proves a fact or legal relationship with the goal of preserving evidence of important transactions and clarifying rights and obligations, thus preventing potential legal disputes at minimal cost and allowing rights to be vindicated swiftly and easily if disputes do arise.

Haemaru was the first law firm in Ansan authorized as a notary public, and it has performed a wide array af notary services since 1993. We have worked on notarial deeds relating to individuals’ and corporations’ sales by commission, property lease, contracting, wills, articles of incorporation, meeting minutes, and more.
What You Need to Get Notarized
In addition to the document to be notarized, please prepare the following documents.
When the Party Involved is Visiting Individual Identity document (if it does not contain the last address, also a copy or draft of resident registration)
Personal seal
Corporation Certificate of corporate seal
Copy of corporate registration
Corporate seal
The representative’s personal identity document
When an Agent Visits Individual Certificate of the principal’s seal
Power of attorney (stamped with the principal’s personal seal)
The agent’s identity document and personal seal
Corporation Certificate of corporate seal
Power of attorney (stamped with the corporate seal)
The agent’s identity document and personal seal

* Additional requirements
  • 1The certificate of personal/corporate seal must have been issued within three months. Its purpose must be marked for notarization or left blank.
  • 2The copy of corporate registration must have been issued within three months.
  • 3If an agent is coming in to notarize, please stamp the documents to be notarized with the principal’s seal.
    If the principal is a corporation and the documents are stamped with the corporate seal, be certain to bring the corporate seal usage log.
  • 4Documents in a foreign language must have a Korean translation attached.
  • 5If the document to notarize has two or more sheets of paper, they must be bound together and stamped in the margins.
The Types of Notarization
Drafting the Notarial Deed
1. Notarial Deeds on Legal Dispositions
Notarial deeds on agreements including sales, property lease, employment, contracting, and employment Notarial deeds on dispositions including trusts, receipt, and gifts
2. Notarial Deeds on Factual Occurrences
These are notarial deeds intended to be used as evidence at a later time. The notary public records the situation as witnessed in the notarial deed on the commission of the person who has an interest in proving the fact. One example is where a debtor goes to the place of payment to pay back their debt but the creditor does not make an appearance to receive payment.
3. Notarized Will
A notarial deed which contains a will in which the testator divides their assets among testatees with the purpose of preventing an inheritance disputes among heirs,
4. Promissory Note and Check Notarial Deeds
A notarial deed attached to a promissory note or check which recognizes and accepts the note or check may be immediately enforced if the payment is delayed
Authenticating Private Documents
1. The authentication of a private document consists of the client signing or sealing the document in the sight of the notary public, or causing the principal or an agent to confirm the sign or seal before recording this fact to the notarial deed. It serves as an authentication of the sign, seal, or confirmation thereof in the event of a dispute.
2. Authentication of Contracts, Agreements, and Promises
Authentication of articles of incorporation and meeting minutes Traveling authentication (the notary public sits in on the corporation’s resolution, personally confirming the process and fact of resolution, and documents these facts in the notarial deed) Authentication of translated documents required by overseas institutions for immigration, study abroad, and work abroad
3. Press Sealing Fixed Date
Pressing and stamping a fixed date proves that a document was in existence as of that date, and authenticates the time the document was drafted.

One example is the lessee of a home having the lease agreement notarized with a fixed date after concluding the handover of the property and resident registration. This lessee would then have a defense against third parties if their deposit credit were assigned to a third party.
4. Enforcement Title
If a creditor had a notarial deed drafted which recognizes and accepts that the debt may be enforced, they may begin enforcement proceedings without a trial. The creditor submits the original notarial deed to the notary public who drafted it and is issued an enforcement title on the notarial deed.
The Effect and Necessity of Notarization
Guarantee of Veracity
If a certificate guaranteeing veracity was prepared, any action that compromises that veracity is subject to criminal penalty under the crimes of untrue entry in officially authenticated original deed and preparation of a false public document. The rules of drafting notarial deeds are also strictly regulated by the Notary Public Act, guaranteeing the veracity of a notarial deed prepared in sight of the notary public.
Strong Evidentiary Value
Matters recorded in a notarial deed have strong legal evidentiary value, leaving almost no room for disputes between the parties after the fact. Notarial deeds are stored for the long term in the notary public’s office in accordance with the Rules of Notary Public Document Preservation, and can be used as strong evidence in any litigation that may occur.
Swift and Easy Vindication of Rights
A notarial deed which recognizes and accepts that a claim may be enforced at once without trial after the due date has passed may be enforced at once, which allows the creditor to vindicate their rights swiftly and easily.
Download Notary Form (Korean Only)
Subject File
Guarantee of Person’s Identity Guarantee of Person’s Identity Download
Invitation Invitation Download
Statement Statement Download
Confirmation Confirmation Download
List of Shareholders List of Shareholders Download
Power of Attorney for Private Document Power of Attorney for Private Document Download
Power of Attorney-Promissory Note Power of Attorney-Promissory Note Download
Power of Attorney-Loan of Money Power of Attorney-Loan of Money Download
Power of Attorney- Payment of Debt (Conversion to Debt) Power of Attorney- Payment of Debt (Conversion to Debt) Download
Power of Attorney-Writ of Enforcement Power of Attorney-Writ of Enforcement Download
Document Commissioning Authenticated Will Document Commissioning Authenticated Will Download
Sales Agreement (Tangible Movable Property) Sales Agreement (Tangible Movable Property) Download
Sales Agreement (Receivable) Sales Agreement (Receivable) Download
Sales Agreement (Deposit) Sales Agreement (Deposit) Download