At Haemaru, former prosecutors who have amassed knowhow in investigation and trial, together with experienced defense attorneys, work to obtain the best results for clients. Furthermore, with the increasing complexity of economic activities, many specialized areas of commerce give rise to criminal liability. These include real estate, finance, tax, fair trade, labor, and intellectual property cases between individuals, corporations, and states.
Haemaru’s team of former judges, prosecutors, and attorneys from varied legal fields, work in cooperation to conduct compliance consultation and head off criminal prosecution in different areas of the law. At the investigation stage, our lawyers maximize the effectiveness of the client’s defenses through active response and participation, and at the criminal trial stage we conduct a comprehensive review of all legal issues to defend our clients in a systematic and timely manner.
Furthermore, as our lives become more global than ever, so do criminal investigations and trials in Korea and around the world. At Haemaru, Korean and foreign lawyers work together at the investigation and trial stages for swift and precise fact finding, and look for the best responses to investigations and defenses by reviewing both domestic and foreign cases.
Representative matters:
  • Criminal cases including violations of the Wastes Control Act and breach of trust (2016)
  • Retrial proceedings for criminal defendants who were found guilty due to State misconduct (2017)
  • Defense in criminal trial proceedings involving violations of the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act, the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, Etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (fraud), and the Act on Prevention of Divulgence and Protection of Industrial Technology (2017)
  • Obtained an acquittal for charges of accessory to fraud against a bank account transferor in a voice phishing case (2016)
  • Obtained an acquittal in a libel case involving an apartment complex’s resident council (2012)
  • Obtained an acquittal in a libel case involving a parent-teacher association(2018)
  • Obtained an acquittal for an employer accused of unlawful labor practices(2012)
  • Obtained an acquittal for a driver who had refused a blood alcohol test (2012)
  • Application for a retrial in the court martial cases involving the Jeju Island massacres of April 3, 1948 (pending)