Construction/Sale/Reconstruction/Redevelopment/Contract Rescission
Haemaru provides expert advice on reconstruction/redevelopment projects, ranging from the composition of the implementation committee to business settlements. Haemaru has extensive experience in numerous redevelopment and urban renewal projects with litigation concerning legal disputes on site selection, business planning, financing, contractor selection, and sales.
Government Contracts/Procurement/Bidding
Haemaru provides comprehensive and systematic legal services based on expert reviews and an in-depth understanding of the contract practices of national and local governments. In addition to common issues such as bidding eligibility screenings, long-term continuous contracts, joint contracts, and no-bid contracts, we also provide more specialized legal services concerning the legal issues that may arise from bids via the Public Procurement Service.
Construction Payment/Defect Cures/Subcontracting
Haemaru has experience with legal issues in various areas of construction law such as preparing proposals for projects, negotiating and drafting contracts, negotiating contract settlements, design changes, contract payments, defect cures, delayed payments, industrial accidents, and construction project management (CM) in both the private and public sectors.
Representative matters:
  • Litigation involving a construction project dispute between a financial cooperative, developer, and constructor (2016-2017)
  • Deposit claims, including a construction financial cooperative’s contract performance, deposit, construction performance deposit, subcontractor payment deposit, and defect cure deposit (2008-present)
  • Litigation relating to construction defects and payments (2012-present)
  • Utilities disputes and litigation related to management association resolutions (2012-present)
  • Litigation to revoke authorization for reconstruction, redevelopment implementation committees, cooperatives, and plans (2012-present)
  • Litigation to revoke the levy of acquisition tax etc. on the Ansan Development Corporation (2015)
  • Revocation of the Designation Notice of Future Administration-Centered Complex City Site and Surrounding Area (2006)
  • Review of third-party contract for the transfer of the project rights for the KINTEX site (2016)
  • Claim for settlement due to the termination of construction contract (2017)
  • Claim for damages in the rescission of apartment building construction and sales partnership contract (2017)
  • General Counsel (Construction Law) for Seongnam City on rezoning (2017)
  • General Counsel (Construction Law) for the Korean Rural Community Corporation on a land lease contract (2017)
  • Review of English-language joint investment and inspection contracts for the Korea Rail Network Authority (2016)
  • General Counsel (Construction Law) for the City of Goyang on construction to improve its public facilities (2016)
  • General Counsel (Real Estate Law) for a real estate consulting firm’s sales of properties (2016-2017)
  • General Counsel (Real Estate Law) for a real estate developer’s sale of property and business (2017)
  • Litigation to revoke enforcement fine due to violation of the Building Act (2008)
  • General Counsel (Real Estate Law) on the free reversion process for the Korea Rail Network Authority’s private capital station (2017)
  • General Counsel (Real Estate Law) for an apartment management company’s security contracting agreement, management covenant and other documents (2017)
  • Prepared legal opinion memoranda on the question whether mutual aid under the Framework Act on the Construction Industry includes reinsurance and water damage (2013)
  • Review of a construction contracting agreement of a regional housing cooperative (2010)
  • Counsel in a civil litigation relating to a construction claim
  • Consultation and litigation relating to the construction of the Cheongdam Station Prugio City
  • Consultation and litigation relating to the Hoehyeon-dong urban environment improvement project
  • Consultation relating to the Seongnam Industrial Complex Structural Sophistication Project
  • Numerous reconstruction-related consultations for reconstruction cooperatives (2015-2017)
  • Litigation for large collective buildings such as counsel for the Ansan Starmax Tower (Ansan NC Department Store) Lot Owners Association
  • Subcontracting payment litigation against a general construction company
  • Litigation to reassess the amount of indirect costs due to the extension of the construction period (2017)
  • Claim for assignment of title due to a trust agreement (counsel for the trustee) (2017)
  • Various construction guarantee cases including construction performance guarantee, contract performance guarantee, advance payment return guarantee, defect repair guarantee, and subcontracting payment guarantee (counsel for the surety insurer) (2008~present, numerous cases)
  • General Counsel (Real Estate Law) for the city of Pyeongtaek’s urban development project in the Jije Segyo Area (2017)
  • National Highway No. 1 detour road construction case between SK Construction and Korea Land & Housing Corporation (counsel for SK Construction) (2016)
  • Vietnam construction site ship charter case between SK Construction and Seokjeong Development Co. Ltd. (counsel for SK Construction) (2015)
  • Halla Co. Ltd.‘s subcontracting dispute case (counsel for Halla Co. Ltd.) (2015)