Corporate Affairs
The work of a corporation necessarily entails transactions with other businesses, which result in a number of legal disputes. Based on expertise accrued from advising numerous corporations over the years, Haemaru minimizes the chances of having legal dispute by providing accurate opinions on whether a contract serves the client’s best interests or may violate the relevant laws and regulations. When disputes do arise, we provide expert legal services such as interpretation of contracts so that the client’s interest is maximized.

When a corporation’s trade secrets are violated by a third party, Haemaru also provides expert and timely legal services on the means to protect them.

Board of directors and shareholder meetings must be convened lawfully in operating a corporation. Haemaru provides the necessary legal consultations, and varied legal services to respond to disputes over corporate control.
Mergers and Acquisitions
There are many different kinds of mergers and acquisitions, and it is important to choose an appropriate means for a client’s needs. Expert service is needed in order to minimize the legal risk from such transactions. Haemaru makes every effort to fulfill client needs through speedy and high-quality legal services at every stage, from due diligence to the conclusion of a merger or acquisition agreement.
Insolvency and Restructuring
With more corporate rehabilitation taking place since an overhaul in insolvency laws, there are more and more enterprises that once struggled financially but have been revived through the use of rehabilitation and other procedures, and are now more successful than ever. Haemaru has years of experience with corporate rehabilitation and understands the situation of companies that are going through a temporary setback. Our expert legal services helps put hardworking entrepreneurs back on the road to recovery.

We also provide expert legal services so that corporations can undergo appropriate restructuring before resorting to insolvency procedures.
Representative matters:
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) on PF (project financing) loans (2017)
  • - Renault Samsung Automobile manufacturer liability case (2013-2017)
  • - Insurance cases involving an interpretation of the policy terms and conditions relating to suicide and cancer insurance (2012-present)
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) for the City of Siheung on founding and operating a professional football team (2015)
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) on financing Hot Tech Co. Ltd. (Mediplant) and recapitalization (2016)
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) for Persys on founding a new corporation (2009)
  • Termination of franchise agreement and claim for damages (counsel for franchisee) (2016)
  • Prepared legal opinion memoranda for Korea Technology Finance Corporation on whether its consignment guarantee work causes potential conflicts of interest under the Banking Act (2016)
  • Litigation to revoke for fraud on behalf of numerous corporate and individual clients including the Korea Technology Finance Corporation and Hanwha Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (2016-2017)
  • - Damages litigation for accounting fraud and inadequate audit (2013)
  • - Embezzlement and breach of trust cases for sale of corporate assets and asset misappropriation (2013)
  • Farmland preservation charge case between the Korea Land & Housing Corporation and the Korea Rural Community Foundation (counsel for the Korea Rural Community Foundation)(2015)
  • Application for relief in SK Construction’s restructuring (counsel for SK Construction) (2016)
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) for ITM Corporation’s control costs (2017)
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) for Hansol Education (FINDEN) relating to possible violations of the Cosmetics Act (2017)
  • General Counsel (Contract Law) for a food seller’s sales contracts, supply contracts, and other legal documents (2013)