Review and Consultation of International Contracts
As part of its international contract consulting service, Haemaru provides drafting and review services for sales contracts, consignment sale contracts, financing contracts, franchise contracts, joint investment contracts, technology transfer contracts, and intellectual property assignment contracts. In addition, we offer consultations for related negotiations as well.
Foreign Investment and Negotiation
Our foreign investment practice spans the globe. We have guided clients across the world (e.g. the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Vietnam, the Republic of South Africa, China, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, etc.) through negotiations for the purchase of real estate and commercial assets, joint investments, incorporation, and capital investment. We also draft and review related contracts, provide consultations on the relevant laws abroad, and provide other legal services such as negotiations and consultations that arise in the process.
Inbound Foreign Investment and Negotiations
Foreign investment in Korea can take a number of forms and Haemaru is there for our overseas clients every step of the way. Services include establishing Korean subsidiaries or branches, setting up liaison offices, reviewing Korean laws and regulations on inbound investment, drafting and submitting necessary paperwork and contracts, real estate and commercial registrations, and consultations on the optimal investment structure.
Mergers and Acquisitions
As part of our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) practice Haemaru goes the distance to fulfill client needs. We not only give consultations on M&A methods, due diligence, and contract negotiations, but also provide contract drafting and review services and tax law consultations.
International Litigation and International Arbitration
Our international litigation and arbitration practice includes the domestic recognition of foreign judgments, enforcement of judgments, bringing legal action in foreign jurisdictions (including the United States, Britain, and Japan) or defending against such action abroad, applying for arbitration in domestic and foreign arbitration institutions, and conducting arbitration proceedings.
Domestic Litigation, Family Law, Immigration and Visas
Haemaru also provides litigation and legal consultation for cases involving foreign individuals, whether they reside overseas or in Korea. Practice areas include criminal cases (battery, property crimes, sex crimes, drugs), civil cases (traffic accidents, damage claims), family cases (divorce, custody), and application for immigration visas.
Representative matters:
  • General Counsel for Hansol Education Co. (2012-2017)
  • Damage claims for foreign plaintiffs (personal injury, wrongful death) (2016 – present)
  • Provisional attachment and enforcement on a U.S. corporation (2017)
  • Child custody case involving a foreigner (2017)
  • Reversion of a Korean citizen’s assets in the United States (2012)
  • Criminal cases involving Koreans arrested in the United States (2010-present)
  • U.S. investment visa cases (E-1/E-2) (2010-present)
  • U.S. immigration and non-immigration visa waivers (2010-present)
  • U.S. visa rejection cases (F, J, B1/B2, E-1, E-2) (2010-present))
  • U.S. inadmissibility, removal, and deportation cases (2010-present)
  • Civil case involving an investment dispute for a Korean Wave television show in China (2017)
  • Consultation and review of a sales agency contract between a United States corporation and a Korean corporation (2011)
  • Damages claims for American, British, and Australian citizens who experienced personal injuries (death, serious injury) in Korea (2010-present)
  • Enforcement in Korea of judgments made in Belgium, Britain, and the United States (2011-present)
  • Criminal cases (fraud, assault, sexual molestation, drugs etc.) involving foreign defendants (2010-present).
  • Family cases (adoption, marriage, divorce, custody, child support, family mediation) involving foreign parties (2010-present)
  • Asset investigation and enforcement on a Korean corporation (2011)
  • Arbitration for the return of a Brazilian football coach’s contract down payment (2012)
  • M&A contracts and due diligence on behalf of Finnish, American, and Hong Kong corporations looking to merge with or acquire Korean corporations (2010)
  • General Counsel (Corporate Law) for foreign corporations (Vietnamese, Polish, American etc.) seeking to establish branches in Korea (2010-present)
  • Review of project financing contracts (2015-present)
  • Review of English-language contracts for Korean corporations such as MTekvision Co. Ltd., Hansol Education, and Mira (2012-present)
  • Review of various contracts as part of legal consulting work for numerous corporations and public agencies, including serving as the Department of Justice’s consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises and Seoul City Global Trade Caravan
  • Litigation for damages against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shinil Steel, and Fujikoshi
  • Consultation for the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (2017)
  • Consultation for SK Construction in relation to FIDIC (2015)